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My original undergraduate major in college was geology/paleontology, but I was drafted during the Vietnam War (1966) and ended up in Vietnam as a medic with 5th USASFG. My tour in 1968 resulted in doing a considerable amount of work with Rhade and Mnong Gar people in the Central Highlands, which initiated an interest in cultural anthropology after the war. My academic interests focused on Medical Anthropology directed toward cultures of SE Asia. However, I also became interested in Native American and Pacific Island cultures with an emphasis on traditional delivery of health care systems and ethnomedicine, especially ethnobotany. Eventually, I decided to teach and was able to get a position at Palomar College in 1975 in the American Indian Studies Department. Although my primary work has been with American Indian Studies and the Native American community, I continue to teach courses in Anthropology. 

There are interest areas that will be explored at this site with a rotation of specific topics.


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The Anthropology Department has a considerable number of links and valuable tutorials. The links below are specific to my interests in cultural anthropology.



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