2020 Wayne's Word Vista Print Calendar

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Wayne's Word Vista Print Calendar For 2020

Note: This is a prototype test calendar made directly from 12 of the 13,000 images on the Wayne's Word website. Although, the .jpg images are only 72 dpi, they look almost as good as 300 dpi .tif images on Cafe Press calendars. Of course, some images show all or part of my copyright label and image border used on Wayne's Word. By the way, the entire Wayne's Word website (including 1600 html pages) fits on a 4 Gig Memory Stick Pro-duo Card with 2 Gigs of free space! Please scroll down to see each month.

  See Scenic Landscape Images 1-7 Used In Some Wayne's Word Calendars  

Cover: Mt. Shasta Flanked By 2 Ponderosa Pines (Pinus ponderosa).

Merry Christmas From Wayne's Word