Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2018 Part 1
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Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2018 Part 1
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    Images On This Page Taken During Cloudy Jan & Feb Of 2017!  
Scenic Images (1) From 2017

Superstition Mountains With Clouds

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In a recent e-mail from a lichenologist at UCR, I learned that the black coating on rock faces in the Superstitions is a rock-inhabiting fungus (RIF) and not a lichen. RIFs can survive some of the most extreme habitats on earth, and could possibly survive on Mars. See Wayne's Word Extremophile Rock Fungi.

Sunset In The Superstition Mountains

Sunset in the Superstitions.

Massive clouds over Superstitions finally dissipating.

Snow On Four Peaks

The Four Peaks Amethyst Mine was discovered in the late 1800's on the fouth peak of the Mazatzal Mountain Range at an elevation of 6,800 feet. This is the source of Arizona's beautiful "Four Peaks Amethyst." See the following image:

Exquisite amethyst from Arizona's beautiful Four Peaks.

  Only Commercially Run Amethyst Mine in the US  
  Helicopter Tour Of Arizona's Amethyst Mine