Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2018 Part 2
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Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2018 Part 2
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    Also See Images Taken In This Beautiful Area During Jan & Feb Of 2017!  
Scenic Images (2)

Superstition Mountains

This late afternoon view of the Superstitions was taken with my Sony HX50V.

Lower Salt River

Late afternoon view of the Lower Salt River.

Curious wild (feral) horses watching me setting ant pitfall traps along the Lower Salt River.

Mesquite woodland along Lower Salt River where I set ant pitfall traps.

View of Four Peaks from Lower Salt River (Phon D. Sutton Campground). In the foreground is a cottonwood loaded with mistletoe.

View of Red Mountain and Lower Salt River from Phon D. Sutton Campground.

Bald Eagle On Coon Bluff Overlooking Lower Salt River

Coon Bluff is a precipitous volcanic escarpment overlooking the Lower Salt River. It is a favorite nesting site for Bald Eagles.

Bald Eagle in glide path for landing on Coon Bluff.

Bald Eagle sitting on the edge of Coon Bluff. The view of the Lower Salt River valley must be marvelous! Image taken hand held with a Sony HX50V pocket camera.