Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2016 Part 10
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Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2016 Part 10
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Miscellaneous (3)

Possible retirement vacation house!

Queen Creek & William Boyce Thompson Residence

Rock Lichens At Boyce Thompson Arboretum

The Mining Camp Restaurant In The Shadows Of Superstitions

A little side road leads from N. Apache Trail Hwy to the historic Mining Camp Restaurant in the shadows of the Superstitions. This award-wining Arizona restaurant has fabulous homemade food. Many famous country and folk singers have performed here, including the Kingston Trio. I must say that the Superstitions are truly one of my favorite mountains!

Arizona's lovely fairy duster (Calliandra eriophylla) just starting to bloom on the slopes of the Superstitions when I had to leave this beautiful place and head for home. As I was leaving, I could hear the steam train whistle at nearby Goldfield echoing off vertical canyon walls of the Superstitions: Calling out to me and beckoning me to return soon.