Glendive Montana Trip #7
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Glendive, Montana Road Trip #7
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Part 7: Mt. Shasta & Mt. Lassen National Park
© W.P. Armstrong 9 October 2011

Table Of Contents

  1. Mount Shasta With Early October Snow     
  2. Mount Lassen With Early October Snow

1. Mount Shasta Covered In Fresh Snow

Mt. Shasta and the sister cone named Shastina.

Mt. Shasta flanked by two ponderosa pines (Pinus ponderosa).

Cone-laden knobcone pine (Pinus attenuata) with serotinous seed cones.

2. Mount Lassen With Early October Snow

Mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) at 7,000 feet on Mt. Lassen.

Early October snow: 7,000 ft. pass in Mt. Lassen National Park.

Lichen (Letharia vulpina) on white fir trees (Abies concolor).