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Halloween Party At Lovely Home Of Denise & Chris 31 Oct 2020
A few scenic images of the colorful sunset looking west toward Owens Peak, and the bright moon in a picturesque cloudy sky. This blue moon is also called the hunter moon because it is the first moon to follow the previous harvest moon on Oct. 1. It is called the blue moon because it is the 2nd full moon to appear in the same month.
Sunset Views Looking West Toward Owens Peak

Owens Peak north of Palomar College. See links to my plant & animal surveys.

    7 Parts To Owens Peak Images (Work In Progress)    

     Part 1:  Geology, Lichens & Misc. Plants & Animals  

    Part 2A:  More Plants (Shrubs & Wildflowers) On Owens Peak

    Part 2B:  More Plants (Shrubs & Wildflowers) On Owens Peak

    Part 3:  More Animals: Insects & Spiders On Owens Peak

    Part 4:  More Animals: Birds & Reptiles On Owens Peak

    Part 5:  Scenic & Miscellaneous On Owens Peak

    Part 6:  Fungi, Lichens, & Ferns On Owens Peak

    Part 7:  Liverworts At Palomar College & On Owens Peak

    Abeja Pond:  Including World's Smallest Flowering Plant

Views Of Blue Moon (Hunter Moon) In Cloudy Sky

Note: In order to get decent moon exposure I had to photograph the bright moon separately and then replace washed out moon in cloudy sky picture.

Images Taken 100 Meters Away At My Home The Night Before Halloween 2020.

I took these images separately on 30 Oct. (the night before Halloween). The bright Hunter moon, Mars & my home were in the same frame!

  Wayne's Word Moon Images  

A Surprising Jumping Spider Behind My Address Sign.

This large, cute jumping spider surprised me when I tried to replace address sign on fence in front of my house. In fact, my fence is visible from our Halloween party.