Lone Pine Nov 2016 Part 2
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Lone Pine Road Trip Nov 2016 Part 2
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Cajon Pass Trains

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Cajon Pass (1 November 2016), 2 months after the massive Blue Cut Fire of August 2016. The holly-leaf cherry (Prunus ilicifolia) has already resprouted from a subterranean basal burl (lignotuber). The Blue Cut Fire burned more than 36,000 acres, including the Cajon Pass and Hwy 138 almost to the junction with Hwy 2 (where my mtn property is located).

Nest of field ant (Formica francoeuri) in ashes of Blue Cut Fire.

Field ant (Formica francoeuri) in ashes of Blue Cut Fire.

Joshua trees along Hwy 138 burned in the Blue Cut Fire.

Late Afternoon On Overcast Day

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