Nemacladus twisselmannii
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Nemacladus twisselmannii In San Diego County!
A Minute Wildflower With A Remarkable Disjunct Distribution. The Only Other Known Location
For This Very Rare Species Is The Southern Sierra Nevada (North Of Lake Isabella). It Typically
Grows In Coarse Sand (DG) & Is Very Difficult To Spot Because Of Its Small Size & Coloration.
All Macro Images Taken In Field With Sony DSC-T9   © W.P. Armstrong 4 May 2012

Pinyon Ridge Area, Anza Borrego State Park

Open wash with soft, coarse sand: the typical habitat for Nemacladus twisselmannii.

James Dillane pointing to a plant, and Tom Chester photographing one (white arrow) with his Sony T-9.

Dr. Nancy Morin, authority on the genus Nemacladus, verifying the identity of N. twisselmannii in a small sandy clearing. To confirm the identity, a small sample of DNA will be analyzed in the laboratory.

Kate Harper: "Wonder Woman" with eagle vision who discovered this amazing species in Anza-Borrego Desert. You literally have to be on your knees to see these minute, camouflaged plants. The odds of a casual observer spotting one in a millennium is very improbable!

One Of The Smallest Nemacladus twisselmannii Observed!

Click on photograph to see the relative size of this plant!

A well-camouflaged Nemacladus twisselmannii. The penny is 19 mm in diameter.

  Size Of U.S. Penny Used For Size Relationship In Wayne's Word Articles  

Nemacladus twisselmannii. My best field shot enhanced with Photoshop & Perfect Resize.

Nemacladus twisselmannii. My 2nd-best field shot enhanced with Photoshop & Perfect Resize.

Nemacladus twisselmannii fruit (capsule).

Nemacladus longiflorus ssp. breviflorus

"Not-So-Long" Long-Flower Threadplant (Nemacladus longiflorus ssp. breviflorus).

  More Images Of Nemacladus In San Diego & Imperial Counties  

A Dried Sagebrush Broom-Rape (Orobanche californica ssp. feudgei)

Orobachia californica ssp. feudgei and host shrub Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata.

  Orobachia californica ssp. feudgei in full bloom!  

Some Additional Images

Wallace's woolly daisy (Eriophyllum wallacei var. wallacei).

Red triangles (Centrostegia thurberi).

Red triangles (Centrostegia thurberi) & bee fly (Order Diptera, Family Bombyliidae).

  See Bee Flies In Rattlsnake Canyon, Poway  

Three-lobed oxytheca (Sidotheca trilobata = Oxytheca trilobata).

Bristly pectocarya (Pectocarya setosa).

California evening-primrose (Oenothera californica ssp. californica).

Parish's nightshade (Solanum parishii).

Parish's nightshade (Solanum parishii).

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