Salton Sea 2017 Part 7
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Salton Sea Road Trip March 2017 Part 7
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Miscellaneous (1)
Blue Angels Near El Centro Naval Air Facility

While standing in a vacant field in the outskirts of El Centro I watched the Blue Angels training. There were six f-18s flying in formation. When they came over my position the sound was absolutely deafening.

A Nearby Spectator Watching Me Photograph Freight Trains At Salton Sea!

Perched high in a saltbush, this desert iguana was very close to my train-watching position. Maybe it was also an avid "railfan."

Pioneer Museum In Imperial, California

This museum is a treasure trove of antiques and "remember when" topics for Wayne's Word. The above images include an antique cash register and a classic old Burroughs comptometer (adding machine).

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