Wayne's Trivia Notes #13
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Wayne's Trivia Note #381 (23 August 2016)

This queen survived in captivity for 4 months on a liquid honey diet. Adult ants cannot eat solid foods. Their mandibles are not adapted for chewing, and solid particles much larger than pollen grains will not pass through the narrow constrictions at the neck and waist. Adults bring solids back to nest where their larvae (digestive caste) eat and regurgitate it back to adults. Hopefully, she can start a new colony in my arid front yard (if Argentine ants leave her alone). I never dreamed I would be a "nursemaid" to ants at this stage of my life!

Wayne's Trivia Note #382 (28 August 2016)

A large huntsman spider (cf. Olios fasciculatus) on the edge of my cereal bowl. She has eight distinct eyes. I don't think she likes Quaker Oats! See more images of huntsman spiders: Huntsman Spiders

Wayne's Trivia Note #383 (29 August 2016)

My Favorite Train-Viewing Bridge Near Needles, CA. The Temperature Was A Pleasant 110 Degrees Fahrenheit!

Wayne's Trivia Note #384 (8 September 2016)

It's almost rain beetle season again in Twin Oaks Valley. Low-flying males sometimes hit my windows. Since adults don't feed, it is imperative that he finds a female before he runs out of energy. He can't just eat a high energy protein bar! Another little-known native species that lives in the local hills. Wayne's Word Beetle Page: More Beetles

Wayne's Trivia Note #385 (9 September 2016)

Wayne's Word Presidential Candidate Geography Quiz1: Did you know that the name "Aleppo Pine" (Pinus halepensis #7) is derived from the Syrian city of Aleppo! (From Wayne's Pines Of The World Image Series).

1. Canary Island Pine (Pinus canariensis), 2. Himalayan Pine (P. griffithii), 3. Austrian Black Pine (P. nigra), 4. Italian Stone Pine (P. pinea), 5. Swiss Mt. Pine (P. mugo), 6. Scotch Pine (P. sylvestris), 7. Aleppo Pine (P. halepensis), 8. Smooth-Bark Mexican Pine (P. pseudostrobus), 9. Douglas Pine (Mexico: P. douglasiana), 10. Gregg's Pine (Mexico: P. greggii), 11. Japanese Black Pine (P. thunbergii), 12. Japanese Red Pine (P. densiflora var. pendula), 13. Cedros Island Pine (P. muricata var. cedrosensis). Note: This image is scanned from a Kodachrome 35mm color transparency taken in 1974. Taxonomic changes have been made on some of these species.

Wayne's Trivia Note #386 (12 September 2016)

"Dog vomit fungus" (Fuligo septica) in my back yard. This is one of my favorite life forms that actually moves! It is technically a slime mold in the kingdom Protoctista (Protista) and not a true fungus (kingdom Fungi). See more images of slime molds: Slime Molds

Wayne's Trivia Note #387 (14 September 2016)

Physical therapy following my right medial meniscus surgery includes crawling around my back yard hunting for fungi. I have found a surprising number of interesting & provocative species this September!

Wayne's Trivia Note #388 (16 September 2016)

Last night's Harvest Moon rising above the house on hill above my home. Image taken hand-held with Sony HX50V (15 September 2016). More moon images on Wayne's Word: Tripod Moon Images; Sony HX50V: Sony HX50V

Wayne's Trivia Note #389 (17 September 2016)

Harvest Moon rising above the hill behind my house in Twin Oaks Valley. I used two different exposures for house and moon. 16 September 2016.

Wayne's Trivia Note #390 (19 September 2016)

These small red & black ants from my campsite at Crown Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque MAY be a range extension for the U.S., or POSSIBLY an undescribed species of Forelius. The final decision awaits verification by a Forelius authority. I'm not holding my breathe on this! See more images of this unknown ant: New Forelius?

Wayne's Trivia Note #391 (25 September 2016)

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Wayne's Trivia Note #392 (30 September 2016)

Sunset from my driveway in Twin Oaks Valley. Sony HX50V Hand-Held Twilight Mode.

Wayne's Trivia Note #393 (12 October 2016)

After a dozen years, the cycad (Cycas revoluta) in my back yard finally revealed her sex with a flower-like, seed-bearing cone. Like a human female, she has two X chromosomes. The male has X & Y chromosomes and a large, erect pollen cone. I planted a mate for her, but there is only a 50-50 chance that it is male! Hopefully they will both have cones at the same time one day.

Wayne's Trivia Note #394 (15 October 2016)

This large Araneus spider was hanging upside-down outside my back door. She looks ferocious with her large jaws & fangs but is relatively harmless unless you are a flying insect!

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