Wayne's Trivia Notes #27
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Wayne's Trivia Note #586 (22 May 2019)

Note: Following Spider ID Is Pending

Originally I Thought It Was A Female Hacklemesh Weaver Spider?

My latest house guest: A spider that superficially resembles poisonous brown recluse, only without distinct violin marking. With a 2 yr old who touches everything regularly visiting my home, I must carefully screen all resident spiders! See Wild Animals At Wayne's Word.

Wayne's Trivia Note #587 (22 May 2019)

My front yard on Memorial Day 2019. Spring of 2019 has been an incredible year for flowering plants!

Wayne's Trivia Note #588 (1 June 2019)

This large female spider's web is currently (30 May 2019) blocking my backyard walkway. There are many on-line descriptions of the design on her back, including a woman's face, a cat or bat, & Jesus on a cross. I think it is the scary face of an alien visitor with lateral horns!

Wayne's Trivia Note #589 (3 June 2019)

To my surprise, this was not the entrance to an ant nest. It is a ground-nesting metallic sweat bee, so named because they apparently are attracted to the salt in human sweat. I collected one of these for my entomology class at CSULA almost 60 years ago. I have kept it all these years.

Wayne's Trivia Note #590 (6 June 2019)

This might be a mouse spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli); however, its abdomen is not velvety like a mouse. I don't know why my house has so many spiders. Maybe it's because I release them outside and usually never kill them.

Wayne's Trivia Note #591 (10 June 2019)

Native larkspurs in California are typically blue or shades of purple. My favorite is the scarlet larkspur (Delphinium cardinale). Several patches of this striking perennial wildflower grow in the hills bordering Palomar College. This June (2019) they were absolutely spectacular.

Wayne's Trivia Note #592 (16 June 2019)

Happy Father's Day (16 June 2019). My father working in his carpenter shop (City of Arcadia, CA). This was a marvelous place to work on school projects when I was in grade school.

Wayne's Trivia Note #593 (17 June 2019)

Just reviewed manuscript for Adansonia (scholarly journal of French Museum of Natural History, Paris). It is about discovery of Wolffiella oblonga on wet rocks behind waterfall in Costa Rica. This is a new and unusual location for this bizarre, minute, seldom-seen flowering plant!

Wayne's Trivia Note #594 (19 June 2019)

This juvenile Cooper's Hawk with a lot of down feathers has already discovered my bird feeder!