Wayne's Trivia Notes #28
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Wayne's Trivia Note #608 (28 July 2019)

Having hiked many miles in this beautiful area near Big Pine, CA, I can personally testify that the Palisade Glacier high in the Sierra Nevada, southernmost glacier in the U.S., is receding due to a warming trend. Similar glacial retreats are documented in other mountains of the continental United States, including Glacier National Park.

Wayne's Trivia Note #609 (29 July 2019)

Another attractive orb weaver in my backyard! This one appears to be Neoscona crucifera. I am always amazed at the remarkable web that she constructs each night.

Wayne's Trivia Note #610 (9 August 2019)

I share my property & garden in Twin Oaks Valley with numerous species of insects & spiders. In fact, many of these are on my Wayne's Word See Large Adult Of This Grasshopper.

Wayne's Trivia Note #611 (11 August 2019)

Monarch butterfly caterpillars (Danaus plexippus) in my backyard. They feed on milkweed plants (Asclepias) that I purchased for them at Home Depot. Milkweed toxins ingested by the larvae make the brightly colored adults distasteful & toxic to many birds. The bright orange adults (aposematic coloration) serves as a warning to would-be bird predators.

Wayne's Trivia Note #612 (14 August 2019)

Brush fire on mesas of east of Tierra Santa, San Diego County. The lead in this old military bullet melted out of its original metal jacket.

Wayne's Trivia Note #613 (14 August 2019)

My latest obsession on this planet is to find & photograph the "painted grasshopper" in southern Arizona!

Wayne's Trivia Note #614 (16 August 2019)

Avoid swimming in ponds infested with blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and eating locoweeds (Astragalus). They both have severe toxins that block critical biochemical pathways in animals. More Information

Wayne's Trivia Note #615 (20 August 2019)

A friendly, curious katydid on the edge of my cereal bowl.

Wayne's Trivia Note #616 (21 August 2019)

Eating a delicious poppy seed bagel prior to a urine drug test is not advisable!

Wayne's Trivia Note #617 (22 August 2019)

Large male tarantula climbing out of his travel case. I relocated him because hunting for females on Birchwood Drive was hazardous to his health.

Wayne's Trivia Note #618 (24 August 2019)

California has some interesting wildflowers. Pygmy poppy (Canbya candida). Click on Wayne's Botanical Record-Breakers to see how small this flower is: Botanical Record-Breakers