Wayne's Trivia Notes #31
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Wayne's Trivia Note #677 (3 August 2020)

I compare (tally) numbers of files in folders by hand between my computers & server almost every day to check for discrepancies. My physician prescribed CBD Gummies for my possible OCD.

Wayne's Trivia Note #678 (8 August 2020)

Vista Print calendar for 2021 made directly from 12 out of 13,000 low res images on Wayne's Word website: Wayne's Word 2021 Vista Print Calendar.

Wayne's Trivia Note #679 (9 August 2020)

Ant jaws have changed a lot since the days of dinosaurs! 99 million years ago there were predatory ants with powerful lower jaw that pinned its prey against an upper, horn-like projection. They have been given the name "hell ants." Apparently, the horizontal jaw mechanism of modern-day ants was a more successful adaptation. Current Biology 6 Aug 2020

Wayne's Trivia Note #680 (12 August 2020)

I remember watermelons full of seeds when I was young. The mechanism for seedless watermelons is ingenious. This was an essay question for my on-line Plants & People course using Univ. of Hawaii Quizmaker program. Wayne's Word Seedless Watermelons

Wayne's Trivia Note #681 (14 August 2020)

This is the most delicious fig I have ever eaten. Although parthenocarpic figs develop without pollination, fig wasps in my yard still pollinate them which makes figs taste even better! Parthenocarpic Figs With Seeds

Wayne's Trivia Note #682 (19 August 2020)

My latest special acrobat ant collected by son-in-law pilot Captain Zach on mtn top in Croatia! More Croatian Ant Images

Wayne's Trivia Note #683 (20 August 2020)

According to fig connoisseurs, the wasp-pollinated 'Calimyrna' variety of California's Central Valley is the ne plus ultra of figs. In my opinon, the 'Verte' is a close rival, if not better. Calimyrna Orchard

Wayne's Trivia Note #684 (21 August 2020)

Wayne's Word Super Fig Salad. In alphabetical order: Asparagus, boiled egg white, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes, fig (var. Verte), green pepper, kale, olives (black & green), pecans, radish, red cabbage, spinach & walnuts. Vigorous exercise is not recommended while digesting this high fiber, nutritious conglomeration. Caution: It may not be possible to finish in one sitting.

Wayne's Trivia Note #685 (23 August 2020)

Most petrified figs from the Montana badlands where T-Rex once walked were misidentified. They are palm fruits that were covered with spines about 70 million years ago. Elisabeth McIver (Canadian Journal of Botany) has replaced their old name Ficus ceratops with the new palm taxon Spinifructus antiquus. Fossil Palm--Not Fig!

Wayne's Trivia Note #686 (25 August 2020)

This new Wayne's Word Fig came from a seed. Its outer skin is purple-black compared with green skin of Verte parent. Like the Verte parent its strawberry-red flesh is quite tasty. Maybe I should start a roadside fig stand.

Wayne's Trivia Note #687 (27 August 2020)

Dozens of green & brown mantids (mantises) this August 2020 in my yard. Often referred to as "praying" but I don't think they are religious. The most mantids I have seen since emerging from my mother's womb. Although quite young, the mantid in right image had no problem catching and devouring a yellowjacket.

Wayne's Trivia Note #688 (29 August 2020)

One of the few open fields in my neighborhood without houses. The owner planted it in vegetables (botanical fruits) during Covid-19 crisis. I wish this fertile soil in Twin Oaks Valley could be dedicated to growing crops instead of more housing.

Wayne's Trivia Note #689 (30 August 2020)

I worked with a famous fire ecologist Dr. R.J. Vogl at Cal State Univ L.A. for years. Do you think this lightning bolt might start a fire if it hits dry brush! Wayne's Word Fire Page

Wayne's Trivia Note #690 (30 August 2020)

Corn Moon (named for corn harvest) & mantid from my home at dawn today (2 Sept. 2020). BTW, Harvest Moon is full moon closest to autumnal equinox (Sept. 22). This year it appears on Oct. 1. Wayne's Moon Images

Wayne's Trivia Note #691 (6 Sept 2020)

Sunset over Twin Oaks Valley on hot Labor Day weekend (107 F). Sun appears bright red through dark smoke cloud from Japatul Valley Fire in se San Diego County.

Wayne's Trivia Note #692 (7 Sept 2020)

Just found a new spider in my patio, another case for climate change. Originally from Portugal & Canary Islands, its range is expanding rapidly. In fact, its migration to UK is attributed to warming climatic trend. Although related to black widow its bite is not dangerous to humans, but is painful.

Wayne's Trivia Note #693 (8 Sept 2020)

Social distancing in my home office with a friendly hammerhead worm (land planarian). It was discovered by Elaine Armstrong in our backyard.

Wayne's Trivia Note #694 (14 Sept 2020)

Last night's sunset: The sun appears very large & red on the horizon because light has longer path through atmospheric particles (dust & smoke). Scattering of blue light (shorter wavelength) is so complete that we only see red light (longer wavelength). Scattering also produces blue color of the sky on clear day. This is all based on: "energy is inversely proportional to wavelength."