Zach's Ants
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Captain Zach's Ant Page
W.P. Armstrong, December 2018
These are images of ants brought to me for identification by pilot Captain Zach
Long-Legged Ant (Aphaenogaster = Novomessor)

Two species of Aphaenogaster (A. cockerelli and A. albisetosus) that I have photographed in Arizona and New Mexico are now placed in the genus Novomessor. The large size, long legs, and elongate head of this ant certainly resembles A. cockerelli. If it is the latter species, it would be properly named Novomessor cockerelli.

Lateral Views Of This Fascinating Ant From Texas

GPS Coordinates For Above Ant Nest In Alpine, Texas

3019'53.8"N 10341'06.7"W

Decimal Degrees:
30.331605, -103.685188

Location in Alpine Texas

For GPS coordinates in Biology,
decimal degrees for latitude
& longitude are preferable.

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Long-Legged Ant In Superstition Mtns Of Arizona

Velvety Tree Ant (Liometopum occidentale)

Collected by Zach & Sarah at Live Oak Camp in Caspers Wilderness Park, San Juan Capistrano, CA, 11 Oct. 2018. This ant is very fond of coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia). It emits a strong, pungent odor when disturbed. They also bite without hesitation.

  My First Love Affair With Ants During The Early 1950s