Cell Exam Crossword Puzzle
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Cell Exam Crossword Puzzle
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1. Kingdom of prokaryotic organisms.
9. Animal starch stored in the liver from excess sugar molecules in the blood.
11. Complex water-soluble polysaccharide produced in plant sap.
14. Plant compound composed of glucose linked with other non-sugar molecule.
15. Fish that gulps water, excretes salt and has very little urine.
16. Complex polysaccharide found in the cell walls of plants.
17. Includes cholesterol, vitamin D, cortisone and sex hormones.
21. Major compound of living systems composed of one or more sugar units.
23. Reactions of photosynthesis when CO2 is reduced to glucose.
24. Composed of polysaccharide and polypeptide subunits.
26. Diverse group of plant compounds including resins, incense, copal & amber.
29. Stabilizing bonds of tertiary protein broken causing polypeptide to uncoil.
32. Major compound of living systems including fats, oils and waxes.
34. Fatty acid with all single bonds and maximum number of hydrogen atoms.
36. Vital molecule providing energy of activation for all biochemical reactions.
37. Complex lipid composed of long-chain alcohol plus many fatty acids.
38. Substance that imparts great strength and hardness to cell walls of wood.


2. Nitrogenous plant compound affecting the nervous system of animals.
3. Major compound of living systems composed of amino acid subunits.
4. Protein that serves as a catalyst for essential biochemical reactions.
5. Ultimate source of energy that flows through all organisms of an ecosystem.
6. Solution with lower salt concentration than solution being compared with.
7. Antibody-lectin conjugate that carries toxin directly to tumor cell.
8. Sugar with same empirical formula but with different structural formula.
10. Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis comes from this vital compound.
12. Root cells of this plant type have higher salt concentration than the soil.
13. Membrane layers where chlorophyll is concentrated within chloroplast.
15. Regulates the passage of materials "into" and "out of" of cell.
18. Active ____ differs from diffusion because it requires ATP.
19. Organelle site of cellular respiration and ATP production within cell.
20. The function of a protein molecule (e.g. enzyme) is determined by its ____.
22. Reactions of photosynthesis when ATP and NADPH2 are produced.
25. Very toxic plant protein found in castor beans and rosary bean.
27. Eukaryotic cells have a process of M-RNA formation called gene ____.
28. Essential protein hormone that regulates the blood sugar level.
30. This condition happens to a freshwater plant placed in sea water.
31. Major element of living systems in addition to oxygen, hydrogen & nitrogen.
33. Complex polysaccharide found in the middle lamella of plant cells.
35. World's largest (longest) molecule--composed of nucleotide subunits.

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