DNA Crossword Puzzle
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DNA Crossword Puzzle
Interactive Version

Across Clues:

4. Number of sugar molecules in DNA section containing 3 base pairs.
5. Carbohydrate subunit of a polysaccharide polymer.
8. Name of sugar found in DNA but not RNA.
10. Base triplet in M-RNA that specifies a particular amino acid.
12. Molecule found in all DNA and RNA nucleotides.
14. Structural subunit (building block) of DNA and RNA.
16. Tyrosine's anticodon is AUA, what is DNA base triplet for its codon?
21. Formed during dehydration synthesis or condensation polymerization.
22. Synthesis of M-RNA strand from DNA strand inside nucleus.
24. If the anticodon for lysine is UUU, what is its codon?
25. Pyrimidine base found in DNA and RNA.
27. Total number of different bases found in RNA.
30. Organelle site within cell where protein synthesis occurs.
31. Base triplet on T-RNA recognizing complementary base triplet on M-RNA.
33. Purine base that always pairs up with cytosine.
34. Pyrimidine base found in DNA but not RNA.
35. Number of purine bases in DNA molecule with nine base pairs.
36. Number of different amino acids coded by DNA in human protein.

Down Clues:

1. Total number of different bases found in DNA and RNA.
2. Name for large bases containing two carbon-nitrogen rings.
3. Acid subunit of protein polymer.
6. Considering the bases A, G, & C, DNA and T-RNA are ___ to each other.
7. Considering the bases A, G, & C, DNA and M-RNA are ___ to each other.
9. Number of bases in M-RNA code that specify one amino acid molecule.
11. Conversion of M-RNA strand into amino acid sequence at ribosome.
13. Chain of many amino acids linked together.
15. Number of phosphates in DNA molecule with five base pairs.
17. Name for small bases containing one carbon-nitrogen ring.
18. If the codon for methionine is AUG, what is its anticodon?
19. Pyrimidine base found in RNA but not DNA.
20. Number of pyrimidines in DNA molecule with eight base pairs.
23. Precise site of ribosomal-RNA synthesis in the cell.
26. An altered DNA sequence in a gene resulting in a misspelled M-RNA.
28. Total # of different arrangements in DNA molecule with two base pairs.
29. Purine base that pairs up with thymine and uracil.
30. Name of sugar found in RNA but not DNA.
32. Section of DNA that forms a particular strand of messenger RNA.

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