Adaptations Crossword Version 1
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Adaptations Crossword #1
Interactive Version


1. Chaparral shrub with "fire seeds." [i.e. seeds that germinate following fire.]
5. Dominant bush in coastal scrub plant community adjacent to Palomar College.
6. Mimicry in which the model and mimic are both harmful.
7. Leg adapted for grasping prey.
8. Tumorous plant growth occupied by the larvae of insects.
10. Tree pollinated by minute wasps.
11. Plant succession in a pond.
13. Alpine biome above timberline.
15. Underground woody stem that resprouts after fire.
20. Desert shrub with drought deciduous leaves.
21. Mammal with one upper and one lower pair of prominent gnawing incisors.
22. Nocturnal predatory bird able to make swift, silent dives in search of prey.
24. Concealing form and coloration (camouflage).
27. Main cause of natural fire in forests and brushlands.
28. Primary plant succession on bare rock or soil.
29. Autotrophic symbiont (photobiont) of lichen.
31. Long-tongued night pollinator.
32. The symbiotic pollinator of fig trees.
34. Mammal that navigates by echolocation.
35. Large marsh bird with elongate toes for wading and walking in soft mud.
36. Forest biome that contains the greatest diversity of plant and animal species.


1. Fire-adapted plant community composed of dense, impenetrable shrubs.
2. Seed cones that open during fire.
3. Another name for the northern coniferous forest biome.
4. Heterotrophic symbiont (mycobiont) of lichen.
9. The highest level (top) land carnivore of Africa and San Diego County.
12. Tough, leathery leaves adapted for conserving moisture in drought regions.
14. Mimicry in which the model is harmful while the mimic is harmless.
16. Biological community plus all the associated abiotic factors.
17. Fossorial mammal with enlarged forefeet and reversible hair (fur).
18. Builds a crater in the sand to ambush its prey.
19. Zygodactyl refers to this part of certain flying vertebrate's anatomy.
23. Pine tree with serotinous seed cones.
25. An arid biome or ecosystem.
26. A small insectivorous mammal.
30. Minute pore for gas exchange in plants.
33. Vital for shade intolerant seedlings in forest succession.

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