Adaptations Crossword Version 2
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Adaptations Crossword #2
Interactive Version


4. Bird living in alpine/Arctic tundra with seasonal coloration of its plumage.
7. Animal coloration associated with sexual selection and population stability.
8. Stem adaptation of chaparral shrubs to resprout after fire. (lignotuber)
10. Pine tree with serotinous seed cones that open during fire.
12. Orderly sequence of differing types of vegetation in a given region.
13. Stage of forest succession with lodgepole pine and Douglas fir.
14. Chaparral shrubs with "fire seeds" that germinate after fire.
15. One insect that is harmless to its predator resembles another that is harmful.
17. Condition of lakes and pond caused by overpopulation of algae.
19. This biome would generally NOT have plants with large leaves.
20. Animal type adapted for eating flesh.
21. Symbiotic relationship between the Kingdoms Protista and Fungi.
24. Stem adaptation of cattails and bulrushes (2 words).
25. Main cause of natural forest fire.
28. Endangered coastal plant community where marine birds feed and nest.
31. Style length of female flower that produces a mature fig seed.
32. Plant with limited distribution confined to a distinct area (e.g. Torrey pine).


1. This type of spiny plant generally has shallow rather than deep roots.
2. Another word for camouflage or concealing form and coloration.
3. Coastal ____ scrub: An endangered plant community near Palomar College.
4. Free-floating plant life in lakes, ponds and the ocean.
5. Seedlings of this conifer generally do not survive well in thick duff layer.
6. A relationship that is beneficial to both symbionts.
9. Plant type adapted to very dry habitat such as the chaparral or desert.
11. Shrub of the Colorado Desert with drought deciduous leaves.
16. Succession occurring on bare ground and exposed rock surfaces.
18. Animal type adapted for eating plant material.
19. Molecular component of genes. (Not Your Levi'sŪ Jeans)
20. Plant community with dense, impenetrable shrubs (not at Palomar College).
22. Stage of forest succession with Engelmann spruce and western hemlock.
23. Coloration of animals that discourages potential would-be predators.
26. Succession occurring in lakes and ponds.
27. Another word for indigenous.
29. Style length of female flower that nourishes & incubates developing fig wasp.
30. General term for a non-native, undesirable plant such as the tumbleweed.

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