Genetics/Blood Types Crossword
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Genetics/Blood Types Crossword
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2. Members of a gene pair (occur at same loci on homologous chromosomes).
3. Cell with 2 haploid sets of chromosomes.
6. Genes for several traits occur on the same chromosome.
7. Type of IgM antibodies in plasma of type A donor.
10. Phenotype of baby born with erythroblastosis fetalis (Rh disease).
11. Most common A-B-0 blood phenotype of Blackfoot Indians. TYPE_ (letter?)
13. Genotype of wife of type AO husband, & mother of A, B, & O children.
14. Number of TALL genotypes (out of 4) from rrTt X rrTt.
16. One set of chromosomes from the mother.
18. A haploid female reproductive cell.
20. Number of DIFFERENT genotypes from RrTt X rrtt.
21. Refers to an unlike gene pair (i.e. Rr).
26. Phenotype of father of colorblind & normal-vision sons AND daughters.
29. Another word for agglutination.
31. Number of DIFFERENT TALL genotypes from RrTt X rrtt.
33. Genotype of husband of type AB wife, & father of AO & BO children.
34. Test offspring ratios to determine probability of parents of cross. (2 words)
36. Most common blood PHENOTYPE in the U.S.


1. Phenotype of mother of Pos & Neg children, 1 of which had the Rh disease.
3. Genetic ____ : An explanation for the origin of racial differences in humans.
4. Person giving his/her blood to a recipient.
5. Phenotype of mother of colorblind & normal-vision boys AND girls.
8. Pairs of genes (shown by letters) denoting a certain genetic trait.
9. Second most common blood phenotype in the U.S.
12. Phenotype of husband of type O wife, & father of A and B boys & girls.
15. Cell with only one set of chromosomes.
17. Phenotype of universal recipient.
18. Large, flightless Australian bird similar to an ostrich.
19. Appearance or visible expression of certain genes (alleles).
21. Refers to a like or identical gene pair (i.e. RR or rr).
22. Phenotype of universal donor.
23. Number of different genotypes in the human A-B-O blood types.
24. Phenotype of rarest blood type in the U.S.
25. Number of different genotypes in dihybrid cross (PpSs X PpSs).
27. Acronym for chemical used in taster/nontaster paper taste test.
28. A large African antelope.
30. A young sheep.
31. Most common A-B-O blood type of Navajo Indians. TYPE_ (letter?)
32. Number of different gametes produced by rrtt wrinkled dwarf pea plant.
35. Genotype of husband of type BO wife, & father of A, B, O, & AB children.

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