Jumping Bean Crossword

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Jumping Bean/Jumping Gall Crossword Puzzle


1. California peninsula where jumping bean shrubs grow wild.
5. Overwintering insect stage before adult emerges.
8. Seed-bearing structure that becomes the jumping bean capsule.
10. Another verb that describes how jumping galls move.
12. Insect that makes jumping gall jump.
14. Specific tree that produces jumping galls on its leaves.
15. Another verb that describes how jumping beans move.
16. How many insect larvae power a single jumping bean or gall?
17. Jumping galls may hide in leaves from the keen eyes of ____.
19. Famous California animal that also jumps.
20. Season of year when jumping bean larva changes into a pupa.
23. U.S. state where jumping galls come from.
24. Necessary for jumping beans if you keep them in a box.
25. Spiny, painful cactus that has reputation of jumping.
27. Plant growth produced in response to insect embedded in leaf.
28. Distance in feet that a 3-foot jumping gall could jump.
30. How far can a jumping gall jump in millimeters?
32. Jumping galls are about the size of the head of a ___.
35. Country where jumping beans come from.
36. Part of plant where jumping galls are formed.
38. The destructive codling moth eats this fruit.
39. Did jumping galls come in FIRST or SECOND at jumping contest?
40. Another reason jumping gall may move into shady leaf layer.


1. Edible seed produced inside a legume pod.
2. Number of jumping beans competing at jumping contest.
3. Jumping galls actually ____ from point A to point B.
4. Jumping beans may roll themselves out of the hot ___.
6. Jumping beans typically ____ from point A to point B.
7. Silken case spun by moth larva which houses the pupa.
9. Pen name of man who wrote about jumping frogs of California.
11. Circular exit through which jumping bean moth emerges.
13. Season of the year when jumping beans are active.
18. Season of year when jumping gall wasp lays its eggs.
19. Jumping galls have been confused with this hopping insect.
21. City in Mexico known as "jumping bean capital of the world."
22. General type of woody plant that produces jumping beans.
23. Splits into 3 sections, some of which become jumping beans.
26. Insect stage causing movement of jumping bean & jumping gall.
29. Maximum high jump record for jumping gall in millimeters.
30. Total jumping beans & galls that competed at jumping contest.
31. General type of woody plant that produces jumping galls.
32. Favorite food of the oriental fruit moth.
33. Eaten by moth larva as it grows inside jumping bean capsule.
34. How does moth larva get inside immature jumping bean capsule?
35. Insect that makes jumping bean jump.
37. Jumping galls are the size of the nutlets in this cookie.

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