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Latest Wayne's Word Updates
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Last Major Wayne's Word Update: October 2018 (Day 6483 of the 3rd Millennium)

  1. Jurupa Mountains & Cajon Pass Trains Road Trip
  2. Peanut Page Update: Amazing Geocarpic Legume
  3. Alula Image Page 2: Flower Bee Collecting Pollen
  4. Winslow-Show Low-White Mtns Arizona Road Trip
  5. Update On Malva X In Local San Marcos Field, CA
  6. Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP Road Trip June 2019
  7. Cajon Pass & Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
  8. Borrego Valley, Scissors Crossing, Lake Henshaw
  9. San Diego Wildflowers Photographed With Film
  10. Cucamonga & Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
  11. Rafting South American Fire Ants Of Indio, CA
  12. Who Pollinated Hawaiian Alula At Palomar College?
  13. Santa Barbara & Sequoia National Park Oct 2018
  14. Joshua Tree National Park Trip April 2018
  15. Arizona Ant Survey Road Trip Jan-Feb 2018
  16. Macro Image Techniques By W.P. Armstrong
  17. Eastern Canada Bus/Cruise Ship Sep-Oct 2017
  18. Salton Sea Ant/Flower Road Trip March 2017
  19. Why I Love Arizona Photo Index Jan-Feb2017
  20. Arizona Ant Survey Road Trip Jan-Feb 2017
  21. Superstition Mtns (1) 2013 Update In Nov 2016
  22. Lone Pine & Salton Sea Road Trip Oct-Nov 2016
  23. New Mexico Scenic & Ant Road Trip July 2016
  24. Arizona Ant Survey Road Trip Jan-Feb 2016
  25. Ancient Figs Of The "Holy Land" In Middle East
  26. Santa Catalina Island Plane Trip: December 2015
  27. Ants Of Daley Ranch N. Of Escondido: Nov 2015
  28. Remarkable Flower Of Indian Ginger: July 2015
  29. Joshua Tree National Park Road Trip May 2015
  30. Tehachapi Train-Ant Road Trip March-April 2015
  31. Borrego Valley Flower/Ant Road Trip March 2015
  32. Salton Sea & Dos Palmas Road Trip January 2015
  33. Minden, NV & Eastern Sierra Nevada Jan. 2015
  34. Cave Creek Canyon & White Mtns Trip Oct 2014
  35. Ants In The Merriam Mtns North Of Escondido
  36. Wayne's Word Lecture: An Introduction To Ants
  37. Chiricahua Mtns Train & Ant Road Trip May 2014
  38. Salton Sea Ant/Train Photo Trip February 2014
  39. Maui Natural History Photo Trip December 2013
  40. Ant That Stimulated My Interest In Natural History
  41. White Mtns, Arizona Road Trip: Sept-Oct 2013
  42. Table Of Botany Records For Record-Breakers I & II.
  43. Review Of Nikon D-3200 With 40 mm Macro Lens
  44. Ants: Index Of Ant Images By Subfamily & Genus
  45. Salton Sea, Blythe and Joshua Tree Nat Park
  46. Superstition Mountains, Arizona Road Trip #1
  47. Wayne's Alien Species Update For Facebook
  48. Aspergillus niger Growing On A Slice Of Bread
  49. Risk Of Carcinogenic Aflatoxins In Peanut Butter
  50. Imported South American Fire Ant In San Diego
  51. Maui Natural History Photo Trip November 2012
  52. Hunter's Moon From Owens Peak 29 Oct 2012
  53. White Mtns, Arizona Road Trip: Sept-Oct 2012
  54. Image On Campus Of USU From Summer 1969
  55. Wasp Families In Southern Calif. & Elsewhere
  56. Ant Subfamilies In Southern Calif. & Elsewhere
  57. Examples Of Peer Review On Wayne's Word
  58. Mammillaria tetrancistra Following Summer Rain
  59. Unidentified Procumbent Malva In San Marcos
  60. Pinnacles N.M. & Sequoia-Kings Can Nat Parks
  61. Wayne's Trivia Notes Published On Facebook
  62. Rare Brodiaeas Of San Marcos Vernal Pool Update
  63. May 20 Solar Eclipse Viewed From Wayne's Word
  64. A Bizarre Long-Jawed Orb Weaver (Tetragnatha)
  65. Plasma Membrane Transport & Type 2 Diabetes
  66. Blue Pimpernel & UpRezzing Sony T-9 Images
  67. Nemacladis twisselmannii In San Diego County
  68. Hairy Jumping Spider On Calandrinia spectabilis
  69. Scenic Clouds Over The Anza-Borrego Desert
  70. Petunia parviflora: A Native Petunia In California
  71. Cryptantha pterocarya Expedition In Anza-Borrego
  72. L.A. Arboretum & Huntington Botanical Garden
  73. An Update On The Legendary Coconut Pearl
  74. Moruga Scorpion: World's Hottest Chile Pepper!
  75. Bisnaga Wash: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
  76. Minute Moth Flies: The Drain Fly & Compost Fly
  77. Mason Valley & Rainbow Canyon, San Diego Co.
  78. Mason Valley & Oriflamme Canyon, San Diego Co.
  79. Diversity & Name Changes In The California Flora
  80. Galapagos Islands: Palomar College Field Trip 1989
  81. Sony DSC-HX9v Using Twilight Mode and Zoom
  82. Rattlesnake Can: Anza-Borrego Desert (Dec. 2011)
  83. Palm Canyon: Anza-Borrego Desert (Dec. 2011)
  84. Fish Creek & Wind Caves Of Anza-Borrego Desert
  85. Pinnacles National Monument November 2011
  86. Glendive, Montana Road Trip September 2011
  87. Palomar Mountain Images 1 September 2011
  88. Animals Photographed In Twin Oaks Valley In 2011
  89. Building Blocks of DNA (Bases) Inside Meteorites
  90. Orange Variation Of Orb Weaver (Araneus gemma)
  91. Duckweed & Wolffia Images From Minnesota
  92. The Western Toad (Bufo boreas) in San Marcos
  93. Tailless Whipscorpion Seen In Harry Potter Movie
  94. The True Malva sylvestris (Not M. pseudolavatera)
  95. Alligator Lizard & Western Toad In San Marcos
  96. Duckweeds (Lemna turionifera) from Minnesota
  97. Macro & Telephoto Lenses Used With Nikon D-90
  98. Origin Of The First Land Plants On Earth
  99. Division Anthocerotophyta (Hornworts) Near Idyllwild
  100. Wildflowers Along Hwy 243: Banning To Idyllwild
  101. Pencil Cholla (Opuntia ramosissima) In Bloom
  102. Order Thansanura: The Primitive Silverfish
  103. Order Embioptera: The Amazing Webspinners
  104. Brodiaea From Santa Barbara & Cuyamaca Lake
  105. Frank's Nesting Dove On The Barn Owl Page
  106. Algae Balls (Marimo) From Lake Akan, Japan