Life Cycles Crossword Puzzle
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Life Cycles Crossword Puzzle
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2. Sexually transmitted disease affecting anthers of flowers.
6. An embryonic root.
7. Vascular photosynthetic organ.
9. Complete female part of a flower.
11. The undisputed world's smallest flowering plant.
12. Anthers release pollen before stigma is receptive.
16. Originates from the zygote.
17. Four sets of chromosomes (4n).
21. Sporangia clusters on the underside of fern leaves.
22. Develops into a seed.
26. Male spores each producing two sperm inside elongated tube.
27. Organism able to synthesize its own food.
28. Complete male part of a flower.
29. Only one set of chromosomes (1n).
33. Organism unable to synthesize its own food.
34. Ten sets of chromosomes (10n).
36. Male reproductive cell.
37. Outer layer of ovule that becomes the seed coat around seed.
38. Colorful modified leaf in a flower.
40. Name of 2 nuclei inside endosperm mother cell that fuse with a sperm.
43. Fleshy halves of a bean or pea embryo.
44. Non-flowering vascular plant studied in lab.
45. Water-conducting vascular tissue in a plant.
47. Haploid gamete-producing plant.
50. Embryonic shoot and leaves in a seed.
51. Plant adapted to dry soil (LM-176).
52. Opening in seed coat where pollen tube penetrated the ovule.
53. Nonvascular rootlike structures.
54. Pollination between flowers on two different plants.


1. Stalk of a moss sporangium.
2. Pollination involving one or more flowers on the same plant.
3. Tree pollinated by a minute wasp.
4. Attachment scar on a seed.
5. A fertilized egg.
6. A scaly, underground vascular stem.
8. Belt of hygroscopic cells around a fern sporangium.
10. Haploid nonvascular plant producing embryo within its female sex organ.
13. A typically-green, modified leaf in a flower.
14. A diploid spore-producing plant.
15. A sexually complete flower with pistil and stamens.
16. Triploid food storage tissue in a seed.
18. Haploid female sex organ of a moss and a fern.
19. Having two sets of chromosomes.
20. Plant family with undisputed largest fruits in the world.
23. Flower part that ripens into a fruit.
24. Species with separate male and female flowers on the same plant.
25. Stigma is receptive before the anthers are mature.
27. Haploid male sex organ of a moss and a fern.
30. A flower that has either a pistil or stamens, but not both sex organs.
31. Term for a species with male and female flowers on separate plants.
32. Part of your anatomy analogous to the hilum on a bean seed.
35. A multicellular (or unicellular) structure that produces spores.
39. The stalk of an ovule within the ovary.
41. A mature, ripened ovule inside a mature, ripened ovary.
42. Type of sperm of moss and fern that needs free water to reach the egg.
44. An angiosperm reproductive organ.
46. Name applied to diploid cell that undergoes meiosis.
48. A female haploid cell.
49. Reproduction resulting in genetic variation within species populations.

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