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Owens Peak #5: Scenic & Miscellaneous
© W.P. Armstrong (Updated 8 April 2019)

Work In Progress: Coming Soon

Owens Peak Scenic

Two hills in San Marcos have the same name as prominent peaks in the Sierra Nevada: Owens Peak & Mt Whitney. Presumably their etymology is the same. Owens Peak (north of Palomar College) has a surprising diversity of wildlife.

18 March 2019 10:00 AM: Beautiful slope & valley behind Owens Peak that developers haven't destroyed yet. I have never seen it this green. It looks like the photo was taken in another state. Actually, a lot of the Twin Oaks Valley area once looked like this.

I have never seen the summit of Owens Peak (N. of Palomar College) this green.

Last night's lunar eclipse from summit of Owens Peak. April 2014 Lunar Eclipse

Standing on Owens Peak last night at 8:00 PM: 24 hours after total eclipse & blood moon.
Mamiya 645 Medium Format 500 mm lens on Nikon body   More Moon Images

Sitting in the dark on Owens Peak (Christmas Eve 2015) . The next full moon on Christmas Eve will be in the year 2034.

Although photograph taken in Twin Oaks Valley, adjacent to Owens Peak, I couldn't resist including it! Last night the local news station showed images of rainbows in San Diego County. Check out this rainbow over my Twin Oaks Valley neighborhood. I took this from my front yard in 2004!

Field mustard (Brassica rapa) & Dump Rake In Twin Oaks Valley with Owens Peak in distance.

Telephoto view of 11,503 ft. Mt San Gorgonio looking north from summit of Owens Peak.