Supermarket Botany 1
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Supermarket Botany 1
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8. Fruit containing the alkaloid capsaicin.
9. Alcoholic beverage flavored with juniper berries.
10. Edible taproot in carrot family.
13. Leafy greens (root of related species used in coffee).
15. Fruit in hibiscus family eaten as a vegetable.
16. A dried grape.
19. Used as garnish in guacamole and salsa dishes.
22. Edible bulb in amaryllis family.
24. First name of grape in the buckwheat family.
25. Leafy vegetable in goosefoot family.
26. The ancestor of modern corn.
27. First 3 letters of English alphabet.**
28. To cultivate the soil.
29. Edible leaf bases in amaryllis family.
31. Canola oil from seeds of this mustard.
32. Another word for taro.
33. Plant family of coconut and date.
34. Legume seed eaten as a vegetable.
35. Another word for red sweet potato.
38. Edible tubers in nightshade family.
41. Edible phyllaries and receptacle.
43. A dried plum.
44. Seed-bearing endocarp of a drupe.
45. Seeds of the legume eaten as a vegetable.
47. 2nd syllable of salad made of raw cabbage.
48. Leafy variety of Beta vulgaris.
51. Grain-like seed from the rhubarb family.
54. Abbreviation for endoplasmic reticulum.
56. Family that bamboo belongs to.
57. Mustard with edible immature inflorescence.
59. Edible taproot in legume family.
61. Alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane.
62. 3n seedless fruit derived from 2 Asian species.
63. Mustard with enlarged basal stem above ground.
67. A tall marsh grass.
68. Fleshy layer around pomegranate seed.
70. Fruit in citrus family that is not a hesperidium.
72. Starchy root in euphorbia family.
74. Abbreviation for osmotic pressure.
76. Edible part of a coconut.
77. Sunflower root with an oyster taste.
79. Crossed with orange to produce a grapefruit.
82. Rhizome used to flavor soft drinks.
84. Acronym for acknowledgement of a debt.**
85. A large African antelope.
87. Hybrid from cross between radish & cabbage.
90. Color of betalain pigments in beets.
91. Mustard with edible inflorescence & peduncle.
93. Blood genotype of type B person with type O parent.
96. Taproot in the goosefoot family.
97. Fleshy fruit in gourd family.
101. Flower bud used for flavoring.
102. Beverage made from leaves of a camellia.
104. Fleshy fruit of a prickly-pear cactus.
106. Edible petiole with collenchyma tissue.
107. Type of bean pod that is eaten as a vegetable.
108. Fruit related to potato that is eaten as a vegetable.
109. Number of chromosome sets in a decaploid cell.


1. A one-seeded, hard-shelled fruit.
2. Herb with leaves used to flavor pickles.
3. Edible taproot that is rich in vitamin A.
4. The accessory fruit of a rose.
5. Edible petiole and seeds that taste like licorice.
6. Edible grain that is eaten as a vegetable.
7. Another word for corn.
8. Fleshy fruit in the ebony family.
11. Seedless orange with scar like a bellybutton.
12. Edible, succulent, prostrate herb (plural).
14. Edible stem segments of prickly-pear cactus.
17. Singular for the word are.**
18. A smooth-skinned peach.
19. Mustard with compact, leafy head.
20. Edible sprouting stem in lily family.
21. Soft tissue inside a herbaceous stem.
23. Number of sets of chromosomes in a haploid cell.
30. To bring civil action against someone.**
36. Genus of true yams.
37. Dry fruit of a legume.
39. Mustard with edible taproot & leaves.
40. Chromosome number of a seedless polyploid.
42. Starchy corm in arum family used for poi.
46. Side petal of a papilionaceous pea corolla.
49. A wasp-pollinated multiple fruit.
50. Carrot relative with leaves used as garnish.
51. Shoots of this tall grass used in Chinese food.
52. A small-fruited wild apple.
53. Hybrid between grapefruit and tangerine.
55. Nucleic acid made from DNA.
56. A natural gum from the seeds of a legume.
58. Hybrid from cross between radish & turnip.
60. 12th letter of Greek alphabet.
64. 1st name of cabbage with small heads on stem.
65. Edible leafy head in sunflower family.
66. Wild relative of the rhubarb.
67. Mustard with edible taproot.
69. Abbreviation for Internal Revenue Service.
71. Fleshy pome containing sclereids.
73. Alcoholic beverage similar to bear.
75. A fleshy drupe used for prunes.
78. Genus of widespread plant called poverty weed.
79. Alcoholic beverage made from rice.
80. A large, spiny Asian fruit.
81. Fish that is source of cod-liver oil.
82. Seed extract of this fruit is an antioxidant.
83. Onion relative used as an herb.
86. Number of chromosome sets in a diploid cell.
88. Another source of sucrose besides sugar cane.
89. Deciduous tree killed by Dutch elm disease.
92. 1st syllable of salad made of raw cabbage.
93. Fused pericarp & seed coat layers of a grain.
94. Another name for the citrus family.
95. Vital molecule made during cellular respiration.
96. A flying mammal.
98. A haploid female reproductive cell.
99. A grass used for hay and breakfast cereal.
100. Genetic material inside animal & plant cells.
103. First & last letters of English alphabet.**
105. Leaves of Hawaiian plant used for wrapping food.

**Note: The non-botany word choices ABC, IOU, IS, SUE, & AZ are not used in interactive version.

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