Supermarket Botany 2
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Supermarket Botany 2
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1. Monounsaturated oil from mesocarp of this drupe.
2. Cauliflorous fruit containing the enzyme papain.
5. Source of raw maple syrup.
7. Fruit in gourd family used for pickles.
10. To harvest grain in a field by cutting.
13. Seed commonly eaten as a vegetable.
16. Fruit in soapberry family related to lychee and rambutan.
17. The undisputed largest fruit.
18. Delicious fruit in the custard-apple family.
20. Large spiny, cauliflorous fruit.
22. Caribbean plum in chrysobalanus family.
23. Multiple fruit called a syconium.
24. Fuzzy green fruit called Chinese gooseberry.
26. Family that includes huckleberry, blueberry & cranberry.
27. Another name for the jojoba nut.
28. Family that includes blackberry, raspberry & loganberry.
31. Large seed used for copra & coir.
32. Abbreviation for date of Christian era.
33. Delicious multiple fruit with leaves eaten by silkworms.
36. Fruit with many ovaries from a single flower.
38. This oily nut used for Hawaiian leis.
39. Cauliflorous fruit in myrtle family. 41. Includes tightskin & slipskin varieties.
44. Accessory fruit of the rose family.
46. Tropical american large-seeded fruit in laurel family.
47. French name of this fruit means grenade.
49. Delicious fruit in the poisonous sumac family.
51. Dry drupe related to the walnut.
53. Another name for shaddock.
57. Obvious way to tell raspberry from blackberry.
59. Plum in myrtle family called a rose apple.
61. Another name for hazelnut.
62. Edible pome containing stone cells (sclereids).
63. Accessory fruit of a rose.
66. Interesting, star-shaped fruit in oxalis family.
72. Gymnosperm with seed in fleshy, cup-shaped aril.
75. Applelike fruit that poisoned Columbus' crew.
76. Hybrid between an orange and a tangerine.
77. Fleshy red seed capsules used for drink in the Caribbean.
78. A pome produced by a tree in the rose family.
82. Number of chromosome sets in haploid cell.
83. Alcoholic beverage flavored with juniper berries.
84. Legume used for Worcestershire sauce & drinks.
86. Fruit in the nightshade family eaten as a vegetable.
88. Fruit containing the alkaloid capsaicin.
89. Nut produced in spiny, cuplike involucre.
90. Native American grape (Vitis lambrusca).
91. Another name for sapodilla tree.
92. First 3 letters of English alphabet.


1. Tree that produces acorns.
3. Spice from dried, unripe fruits.
4. Herb with licorice-flavored one-seeded fruit.
6. Typical fruit type of the gourd family.
7. Another product obtained from the sapodilla tree.
8. Plant family that the sea grape belongs to.
9. Another name for the citrus family.
11. Legume that ripens underground.
12. Largest fruit produced on a tree.
14. Drupe with pit used for laetrile.
15. Family that includes basswood & the bizarre monkeycomb.
19. Plant family with the world's largest fruits.
21. Important grain used for cereal.
25. Small fleshy drupe in the buckthorn family.
29. Aggregate (accessory) fruit in the rose family.
30. Use for blackberries in the meat industry.
31. Fruit in the gooseberry family without spines.
32. Deciduous tree in the olive family.
34. Delicious fruit in the myrtle family.
35. Cauliflorous fruit that is the source of chocolate bean.
37. Spiny shrub that produces edible berries.
40. Captain Bligh brought this tree to the Caribbean.
42. Seed-bearing endocarp of a drupe.
43. Avocado relative with leaves used as an herb.
45. Unopened flower bud used as a spice.
48. Haploid female reproductive cell.
49. A sapote in the sapodilla family.
50. Synthetic fiber made from sebacic acid in castor oil.
52. A colonial insect that tends aphids.
54. Family of the Monstera deliciosa multiple fruit.
55. Genus of black pepper berries & kava-kava root.
56. Large multiple fruit related to bromeliads.
58. A Caribbean apple in the garcinia family.
60. A flying mammal.
64. Asian water plant with fruit resembling a bull's head.
65. Fruit in rose family with many sclereids.
67. Major ingredient of kukui nuts.
68. Dried berry used as a seasoning.
69. Oily seeds of this "nut" produced in a large capsule.
70. An orange in the mulberry family.
71. Genus of stone fruits containing cyanide.
73. Popular "nut" that is really a dry drupe.
74. One-seeded nut embedded in fleshy applelike receptacle.
79. Delicious drupe from a female palm.
80. Beverage made from fermented grapes.
81. First name of berry related to a manzanita.
85. The leathery outer wall of a pepo.
87. Beverage made from the leaves of a camellia.
88. Grain-bearing axis of an ear of corn.

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