Plant Taxonomy Crossword 1
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Plant Taxonomy Terminology #1
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1. Leaf or stem covered with whitish bloom (powder).
4. Solid underground stem similar to bulb but without overlapping scales.
6. Compound raceme.
7. Leaf apex that is cut at right angles to the leaf axis.
8. Coiled inflorescence typical of the Hydrophyllaceae and Boraginaceae.
12. A leaf that is not divided into leaflets.
13. Creeping, scaly underground stem often referred to as a rootstock.
14. Inflorescence with sessile flowers.
17. Typical fruit of the Fabaceae.
18. A leaf apex that is notched.
19. Minute cactus spine that is very painful in your tongue.
20. Elevated (raised) portion of a cactus stem.
26. Characteristic fruit of the Asteraceae.
27. A leaf apex that is rounded.
30. Term applied to a leaf or stem that is not hairy.
32. Characteristic fruit of the Poaceae. [The Common Name Of Fruit]
33. A leaf apex that comes to a point.
34. A leaf with leaflets all arising at a common point.


2. Early deciduous leaf of a cactus.
3. Growth region on the stem segment of a cactus.
5. Characteristic fruit of the Cucurbitaceae.
6. An umbrella-shaped leaf (e.g. garden nasturtium).
9. Characteristic fruit of the Poaceae. [The Technical Name Of Fruit]
10. General term applied to leaf or stem that is hairy or fuzzy.
11. A heart-shaped leaf.
12. Appendage at the base of a leaf.
15. A stem trailing above ground and rooting at the nodes.
16. Inflorescence similar to a spike except the flowers are on pedicels.
21. A leaf that is divided into leaflets.
22. Swollen (enlarged) modified stem arising at the tip of a rhizome.
23. Typical inflorescence of the Apiaceae.
24. Dry fruit composed of one carpel and splitting along one seam.
25. A leaf with two outwardly-projecting lobes at the base.
28. Fruit in which the entire pericarp is fleshy.
29. Dry, achene-like fruit with winged appendages.
31. Underground stem with fleshy (or membranous), overlapping scales.

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