Brodiaea Herbarium Specimens
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Brodiaea jolonensis vs. terrestris

Additional Photo Images of Herbarium Specimens

Hydrated stamens from dried herbarium specimen of Brodiaea "jolonensis" from the San Diego Natural History Museum. Abaxial view shows longitudinal groove in connective tissue. Apex of anther in adaxial view shows V-shaped notch in connective tissue. The connective does not appear to be dentate as in B. terrestris ssp. kernensis; however, the presence of this trait is not always 100% in observed populations of B. terrestris ssp. kernensis in San Diego County. Based on the dimensions of this sample and the lack of information about ovary color in fresh flowers, the correct identity of this specimen is not conclusive.

Abaxial view of stamens from two Palomar College herbarium specimens: A. Brodiaea terrestris ssp. kernensis from Cuyamaca Lake in San Diego County. B. Brodiaea terrestris ssp. kernensis from San Marcos (formerly labeled B. jolonensis). The filament of the San Marcos sample is one mm shorter than the sample from Cuyamaca Lake. Both samples lack the characteristic dentate appendage of B. terrestris ssp. kernensis, although this feature is not always present in observed populations from San Marcos and Otay Mountain. Both samples are within the size range for B. terrestris ssp. kernensis, although the San Marcos sample is at the small end of the scale. The fresh flowers from all observed San Diego County populations had green ovaries, unlike the purple ovaries of typical B. jolonensis.

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