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Brodiaea jolonensis In Monterey County  

Images Of Triplet Vascular Strands Along Inner Perianth  

Three views along the inner periath segment of a fresh Brodiaea jolonensis flower from Monterey County showing three main vascular strands. Each strand is composed of vessels with spirally thickend secondary cell walls. In some places along the segment, a strand may separate into two strands. In B. terrestris ssp. kernensis there are nine vascular strands. Perianth segment cleared in 10% NaOH and stained with safranin. (Magnification 200 x).

Highly magnified view of two vascular strands within the inner perianth segment of Brodiaea jolonensis. A third lower strand is not shown in this image. The strands are composed of vessels with spirally thickened secondary cell walls. Only the spirally thickened walls (appearing like coiled springs) are visible with the safranin stain. In between the two strands are two vessels which have separated from the strands. Perianth segment cleared in 10% NaOH and stained with safranin. (Magnification 500 x). Note: A vessel is composed of water-conducting cells called vessel elements connected end-to-end forming a microscopic tube. Vessels are typically found in the xylem tissue of angiosperms.

  Explanation of Vascular Strands in Brodiaeas  

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