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Ancient Figs Of The Holy Land Crossword Puzzle


1. Tropical fig tree with numerous, pillarlike aerial roots.

3. Ancient technique of cutting a sycomore fig to hasten ripening.

5. Food quality of male caprifigs filled with wasps and pollen.

7. Famous Las Vegas entertainer who is named after a fig newton.

9. A male common fig that produces pollen and wasp-bearing syconia.

10. Common name for the sacred fig that Buddha meditated beneath.

13. Crunchy, nutty structure found inside endocarps of delicious, wasp-pollinated Calimyrna figs.

14. Food quality of parthenocarpic & wasp-pollinated female syconia.

16. One who is prejudiced against the opposite sex.

18. Some uneducated people associate this condition with picking the forbidden fig.

19. Specific epithet of the sacred tree Buddha meditated under.

22. Seedless fruit ripening without pollination and fertilization.

23. A lovely lady who was penalized for eating a forbidden fig.

24. Famous man who meditated beneath a sacred fig.

26. Sycomore figs in the Holy Land do not produce seeds because they lack this sexual phenomenon.

28. A delicious California-grown fig that requires caprification.

31. Famous man who defoliated a fig tree that didn't bear fruit.

32. A wasp-pollinated syconium.

33. Instrument used to gash sycomore figs in the Holy Land.

35. Tropical fig that envelops other trees with its aerial roots.

36. Another name for seed-bearing structures inside a fig newton.


1. Made of anastomosed roots from strangler fig roots on opposite sides of a deep gorge.

2. Ancient region of Asia Minor and native land of the common fig.

4. Fleshy, hollow fig structure that is lined on the inside with tiny, unisexual male & female flowers.

6. Historic book with interesting information about figs.

8. The crunchy, seed-bearing part of a mature fig ovary arising from a female flower.

11. Symbiotic wasp that pollinates flowers in common fig syconia.

12. Eating figs will maintain this healthful condition.

15. A gaseous hormone emitted by damaged fruits that hastens the fruit ripening process.

17. Great leader who camped with an army of 7,000 soldiers under a huge banyan fig.

20. Ancient fig of the Holy Land with a common name similar to North American shade tree.

21. Some male chauvinists believe this cycle originated from Eve picking the forbidden fig.

25. A time period preceding Moses.

27. Biblical prophet who knew how to make unpollinated sycomore figs ripen.

29. Fig organ made into an apron and worn to cover one's genitalia.

30. Name of a fig cookie, Las Vegas entertainer, famous singer, and discoverer of laws of gravity.

34. Garden with forbidden fig tree.

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