What to expect from my classes

Please have a look at the sample syllabi via the links on the top of this page to figure out if my courses are right for you.

Name : Daniella Ashburn

Email: dashburn@palomar.edu

Office Hours by Appointment

LECTURE HOURS PER WEEK: 3.00 in-class hours— please expect to spend another three hours per week preparing-reading-doing homework.


Methods of instruction may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Lecture

* In-class discussion and small group work and discussion that permits students to share their ideas and critique both primary and secondary sources.

  • Use of film and other audio-visual media and maps to illustrate the historical events being presented.

House Keeping Rules

  • No Cell Phones, MP3 Players, laptops or any other electronic devices without prior permission .

  • No food other than small snacks, or drinks in secure cups and or bottles.

  • No book bags or other items on the desk other than those absolutely essential to the class.

  • I will try to respond to your emails within 48 hours.

  • Be a responsible student and do not assume I will follow up on missed lectures, exams and or assignments. What I do not know might hurt you. If you have a problem , talk to me!


Paper/novel Discussions and Primary Source Discussions

There will be two(2)4-5page papers due in any of my classes. These will be analytical essays primarily based on novels that I have picked. A reading guide for each novel containing 8-12 questions , answered in a class wide discussion session will help you prepare for your papers

Primary Source Discussions will consist of analyzing selected primary source documents related to the textbook chapters with the help of the questions made available to you on BlackBoard. Students will be divided into groups and will be assigned one or two of the primary sources that accompany the chapter(s) under discussion that week. In order to be able to fully participate in your group prep and the class discussions- you will be expected to be well prepared.

History Presentations will be 10-12 minute Power Point presentations on any topic , event or movement the student chooses.


All exams will be open book/note and will cover all lectures and readings. Each exam will have two parts. Part I will be multiple choice /true-false questions to be taken on-line on Black Board, and Part II will be a series of essay questions based on both the lectures, the textbook as well as the primary source readings.

There will be NO MAKE-UPS except for students with permission and or valid excuses.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow up on any missed exam and or assignment.

Multiple Choice Homework

In order to help students engage with the textbook 15 Multiple choice questions has been created as home work for each chapter we deal with. Points will be earned by completing the assignments –> a max. 5 points for each. It is assumed that students will read the textbook for themselves. While I will follow the general structure of the text this course will not simply cover the textbook material. Students should take notes.

Attendance and Late Papers:

Attendance will be taken throughout the semester, in the lectures and discussion sections.

Any absences must be followed up by an email within 24 hours to be excused . Poor attendance will affect your grade. Rosters will be cleared of NO SHOWS on the census date . FW final grades will only be assigned if requested. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes they no longer attend.

Papers that are submitted late will only receive half credit.

Alternate arrangements concerning exams or assignments are an option only for those students contacting me prior to test/due dates. The last day of class (NOT THE FINAL EXAM)is the latest that any late materials will be accepted– IF arrangements were made prior.

I do not reply to posts made on these pages.

Please email me with any questions at the address above


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