Fantasy Pool and Fantasy Football! Can I make it happen?

So, my buddies and I are looking to build the ultimate bachelor pad. We are in college in Brisbane, Australia and want to build a pool to go along with the amazing barbeque setup that we have. We host some pretty wild parties and want to start hosting fantasy sports parties as well. The idea is to create an atmosphere where watching sports ends up being an all-day event. What type of setup do you recommend, and what should I be taking into consideration? How can we make this happen?

Sports, barbeques, and a pool to go along with the beautiful year-round weather in Brisbane? How can that possibly be topped? Congratulations on the excellent idea, and we are officially awaiting an in-person invitation! Sounds amazing!

On a serious note and to respond to your inquiry, this is a substantial investment that can top the tens of thousands of dollars. You should do some homework prior to engaging in such a project.  Along with the cost of building the pool, you should also consider the costs associated with pool maintenance. This is important to keep in mind because the type of construction used for the pool will have direct consequences on future maintenance costs.

Construction Types and Maintenance Costs

Concrete and vinyl liner pools have higher maintenance costs and are susceptible to algae. Fiberglass pools are not susceptible to algae but are more expensive to construct. Therefore, although the upfront cost is higher, the total cost of ownership will be substantially lower in the long term. For example, regarding maintenance, concrete pools will typically cost six times more than a fiberglass pool. Vinyl pools are not as expensive to maintain as concrete pools, and this type of construction will be a third of the price of a concrete design.

Construction Schedule

Construction time will also play a role in what you should consider when hiring someone to build a pool. Factors such as experience, number of workers, and pool size will influence the project schedule. Overall, concrete pools will usually take longer to construct given that concrete has a curing process. In perfect weather and atmospheric conditions, concrete will take about a month to cure. Therefore, the construction process can be anywhere from three to six months. Fiberglass pools would be the quickest to install and, depending on various factors, such pools can be built within a two to four-week timeframe. Vinyl liner pools can be installed within four to eight weeks.  

Local Laws and Permits

Another aspect that you should take into consideration are the local laws and ordinances that govern your area concerning the installation of a pool and any policies regarding security and safety of those who will use the pool. In Brisbane, although you do not need a Development Application, you will need a building approval. Furthermore, maintenance and construction will need to comply with the Building Act of 1975 and the Building Regulations of 2006. Given the number of drownings and immersion injuries of young children, the City of Brisbane developed a series of safety regulations that you must comply with, including the installation of a fence and safety barrier. By law, you have the responsibility of ensuring that the gates to the pool are closed and children are unable to access the pool if unattended.

Construction Issues and Contractors

After approval has been given and permits have been obtained, construction for the pool may begin. This would require excavating and preparing the land. Once the land is ready, the installers would continue with the plumbing and the framing and move on to the rest of the construction. It is important to hire a reputable constructor, as issues with construction can arise and you will want a responsible company that provides quality construction and warranty. When building custom pools in Brisbane, ask for policies that revolve around warranty of the construction. Make sure that you hire a company that will stand behind their product and guarantees their work.

Given that a pool is a major investment that needs to last decades, look into hiring a contractor that specializes in pools. Such contractor will oversee the selection and hiring process of people who specialize in the other important areas such as concrete pouring, electrical work, landscaping, among others. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and select a company that you feel comfortable with and that answered all questions to your satisfaction. Ask about customer reviews and references. Obtain information about the installation practices used and make sure to obtain a detailed quote for all work that will be performed.

Pool Design

Another consideration for your project is the size and shape of the pool, along with the desired design. Size will have an impact on the appearance of your patio or backyard. In your case, you want a size and design that fits your needs and requirements, which is to host sports and pool parties. Picture yourself and your friend playing Fantasy Football while cooling off poolside. With that in mind, there are many designs to select from, including infinity edge, open swim lane design, tanning ledge, and others. Review your space and ensure that you select something that provides the spacing to entertain your barbeque parties while also enjoying the comfort of a cool water-themed get-together.

A Final Thought

Ultimately, the idea of a pool is to enjoy and entertain while also providing a relaxing environment for friends and family. The design should reflect your personality and accommodate the aspects that are important to you. In your case, and as you have described, the personality should be reflective of sports, parties, and excellent barbeque. Picture yourself playing water soccer with friends while watching the World Cup and barbecuing some ribs. Keep this idea in your mind or any idea that you can picture when selecting the shape and size. Having fun with the design process will make the experience that much better and gratifying.

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