A sweet treat is hidden in the middle of San Marcos

Story by Raisa Mursalin

On Saturday, April 13, Macchiato, a coffee and dessert shop located at 727 W San Marcos Blvd #108 had their grand opening. The event attracted many customers leading to a line that stretched out of the door.

San Marcos welcomes Macchiato, a venue with love for boba, tea and coffee.

Customers were given special deals such as: buy one drink, get one half off, or get the second drink free. Emily, current employee, stated that the turnout was good, and the event attracted more people than expected.

San Marcos welcomes Macchiato.

Amidst the aesthetically pleasing environment, complete with neon signs that say, “Life begins after coffee,” peaceful backdrops and heart shaped straws; patrons enjoy the wide range of food and drinks.

Macchiato offers premium teas such as: green, black, and oolong. They also offer flavored teas such as: passion fruit, lychee and mango.

Desserts like tiramisu, cheesecake, potted plant cakes and a variety of macarons with flavors like chocolate, coconut and sea salt caramel are also available.

Snacks include house fries, chicken salad, Cajun fries and delicious popcorn chicken were served in a neatly wrapped to-go box.

According to Emily, their most popular drink is the potted plant milk tea. Patrons favorites include sunrise tea and waffles adorned with an assortment of fruits and ice cream.

Featuring the green tea macaron ice cream sandwich.

Their milk tea selection includes flavors such as Taro, Matcha and Thai along with Hokkaido, Okinawa and Hokkaido Matcha special milk teas. Their prices start from four dollars.

Macchiato is open from 11am-11pm every day. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are willing to help customers out and answer any possible quest

Featuring the “Potted Plant” milk tea.

ions they may have.

The relaxing atmosphere is suitable for studying and for taking social media worthy photos. Customers will find something for their taste buds as there are many flavors and a variety of combinations to delight their senses. It is a sweet treat hidden in the middle of San Marcos.

Author: Sammi Cox

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