by Bill Bailey

Bravura 2008 Fiction

It's a Family Addiction
by Robert Baucom



First Boy
by Denise Brown
Third Place Winner, Fiction

by Rachel Busnardo
Chang Wei's Mistake
by Mary Charles
Zas Tannhauser
by Jeff Clarke
The Secret Life of Sandi Beech
by Victoria Cole
The Only Way
by Kevin Colpean
The Collection
by Jim Elliot
The Last Strip
by Crystal Evans
Sunday Morning
by Jesiah L. Foltz

The Perils of Time Travel
by Ben Greenstein

Kitten Blue
by Wes Heid
The Hurricane
by Jennifer Jordon
A Wake for Change
by Amie Keller
The Dinner Party
by Megan Liscomb
Spinning Like a Button on the Outhouse Door
by Jack Mawhinney
Bad Weather
by Emily Miller
The Seagull
by Brendan Mitchell
Lessons to Hold Onto
by Adam Morales
Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus
by Gabe Morales
by Lisa Morford
Mr. Rockwell’s Clock
by John Ray
First Place Winner, Fiction
Thurston's Haze
by Kelsey Rothenay
Coyote Shivers
by Fallon Rusing
Inhaling Thrills
by Alexandra Ryan
Famous Last Words
by Matt Schnarr
Learning to Inhale Solids
by Brittney Steele
Second Place Winner, Fiction
by Nolan Turner
Editor’s Choice, Fiction
How to Become a Supervillian
by Philip Wright
A Peon’s Holiday
by Ingebritt Ziegler